Smart Patches for early detection and continuous remote monitoring

Our interest

The idea for pheal goes back to a cooperation between accensors (innome GmbH) and Covestro, in which the concept  for a bimodular Smart Patch for medical monitoring was developed. This resulted in two filed patents. Our interest is to develop and take responsibility for Smart Patch products for health & care. For this, we combine experts and disciplines to bring products to the market, successfully and sustainably.

Our goal is to become a global leader in Smart Patch products.

Pheal the difference
Aufbau der Komponenten, welche in unserem Smart Patch verwendet werden


pheal is one of the leading companies for user-centric Smart Patch solutions in the healthcare sector, empowering people and their health-orientation and supporting an increase in quality of life (more safety, more time, less pain).


With the help of data-oriented sensor patches, pheal provides insights and recommendations for patients, relatives and healthcare professionals in daily life as well as for diagnosis and will support treatments actively in the future.

Osnabrück Healthcare Accelerator

We are happy to be selected as part of batch #1 in the Osnabrück Healthcare Accelerator (OHA). The OHA supports teams in the healthcare sector for six months with know-how and suitable contacts and is our trusted companion along the hurdles through the German healthcare system.

Schaubild, welche Dienstleistungen pheal vereint

Benefits of pheal

With growing interest and changing demands in digital health, telemonitoring, preventive health and self-tracking, Smart Patches offer the following advantages:


Better data through direct skin attachment and more placement opportunities


Continuous wear and wireless monitoring up to 20 days


Completely new parameters (beyond EMG, ECG, Glucose) and bodily functions can be measured


Innovative design enables quick exchange of modules and individual adaptability

help to enjoy unforgettable moments.

More information coming soon

We look forward to tell you more about Pheal very soon

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